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REGARDING LOW STOCK: Unfortunately the klikety klik box is no longer being produced. We only have a few remaining in stock and this will not be replenished once it is exhausted.

The “Klikety Klik” is a gift box handmade in South Africa from recycled plastic drink bottles, although these eco-chic boxes are beautiful enough to be the gift themselves. The designs are created by decoupaging paper napkins – so if we can find it on a paper napkin, we can put it on on a klikety klik box! Add potpourri, jewelry or your favorite delicacy for a totally unique package. Or illuminate with a small, battery-operated candle. The box will hold water as it did when a bottle, so it can also be used for a plant or flowers when open. Or come up with your own fun, creative idea!

Cutout flaps open and close the box with surprising fun. This imaginative box is upcycling at its finest – creating value, function and beauty from everyday waste. It also helps to benefit a disadvantaged community. Previously unemployed women have been taught how to create these gift boxes and learn simultaneously about business and sales with the organization “All Women Recycling” in Cape Town.

Available in three sizes:
Mini (half liter) – Width: 2.5″, Height 2.5″ closed, 3.5″ open
Small (1 liter) – Width: 3″, Height: 3″ closed, 4.5″ open
Large (2 liter) – Width: 5″, Height: 4″ closed, 6″ open

Box size

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klikety klik gift boxKlikety Klik Gift Box – Floral and Prints
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