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To prove that eco-friendly can be fun, colorful and even silly sometimes. And can go beyond the environmental benefits to improve the lives of others all around the world.

Amy's Story

For years I worked in the big bad ad world, selling dreams while putting my own on the backburner. In 2007 I decided to finally take a quantum leap of faith. Quit my job and take a trip around the world. Crazy isn’t it???

Beginning my journey in “Lord of the Rings” country New Zealand, I fell in love with “Koru”, the Maori name given to the unfurling fern frond that symbolizes new life. I collected as many koru necklaces as my meager budget allowed to remind me of the new path I hoped to find for myself back at home in Chicago. As my trip through Asia came to an end, I ventured through the unadjective-worthy country of India where I happened upon the new “green” trend there to fashion waste materials into new products and provide employment for an unskilled workforce in the process.

Once home, I launched “Koru Street” to bring these amazing products to the U.S. market. The company is aptly represented by the dragonfly, with korus in its wings. After all, the dragonfly symbolizes the ability to see through your self-created illusions that limit your growth and allow your own light to shine in.

I hope you find Koru Street’s products as fun as I do. Thanks for stopping by to check them out!


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