Kuro Cross Body Bag – made from tea shipping sacks



The material in this bag is a mix of canvas and plastic taken from discarded shipping sacks which are used to send and store tea in India. Once it has outlived its regular use, the material is given to our partner, Conserve, to fashion into bags. Each bag will have different text or print on it, so no two bags will be identical.

This is an incredibly light bag (13 ounces!) with an adjustable shoulder strap. The large front pocket has a flap with velcro closure and a larger zippered pocket behind it. Black cotton interior includes two one small flap pocket and one interior zippered compartment. Bag is closed with a double zipper. When not in use, this bag can be folded almost completely flat (about 1.5″ deep) for easy storage.

CONSERVE, a non-profit organization, uses a blend of creativity, design & innovation to turn what was once a dull environmental hazard into a clean, funky and fashionable material from which are crafted a range of appealing handbags and fashion accessories. In their efforts to help save the environment they also provide a fair-trade approved income to the urban poor of India.

11″ wide x 12″ high x 5″ deep

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