The koru spiral, a Maori symbol that represents an opening fern leaf, represents a new beginning. At Koru Street, we give new beginnings to waste materials, neighborhoods and lives. But ecofriendly doesn’t have to be boring!

“Klikety klik” boxes are turned from simple plastic bottles and paper napkins into bright boxes. Our stylish and fun purses, wallets and messenger bags are created from plastic bags, seat belts, tea shipping sacks and other discarded materials. Some of our stationery is fashioned from shredded paper and seeds so you can plant the card after it is lovingly read and re-read or from elephant dung (no, it doesn’t smell!) and embellished with fun, modern designs.

These items are fair trade, created by organizations around the world that help to provide sustainable employment. We’re constantly looking for more products that fit the bill, so check back often!

From Worthless to Priceless

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